Dress Shirt Style in 8 Steps

 You are so lucky if you have a dress shirt in your wardrobe because it can be styled in so many different ways. Apart from your typical style, women's dress shirts should be part of everyone's wardrobe because they are timeless and versatile. There are many ways to style this neutral piece elegantly, whether it's for a date night, a classic casual look, a menswear-inspired look, a beach cover-up, or when you're running errands. You can choose from an endless variety of options! 

Learn how to style them in 8 ways to slay!

8 Steps to Style a Dress Shirt

Women can choose from a wide variety of collar styles and countless beautiful colours at Modora, so their shirts are a perfect fit for a variety of occasions. Dress shirts can be styled in a variety of ways for a hot chic look that works for all occasions

 Put on some statement pieces.

Vibrant but elegant accessories will add some eye-catching appeal to your dress shirt. Shirts are perfect blank slates that you can adorn and paint with accessories such as hats, neckpieces, chunky jewellery or stylish footwear.

Live Vibrantly 

These dress shirts look elegant and classic in white and light blue. Add some bright colors and tones while keeping them simple. Wear neutral accessories if you are wearing a dress shirt in a vibrant colour. 

Dress up and adorn yourself

Add some menswear touch to your look to make it as unique as you are. Dress cut pants, a blazer, and cufflinks should accompany your dress shirt. The look can also be complemented with some vibrant ties.

Dress it up with some layering

Dress shirts make the prettiest layering combinations, as the British love layering their outfits. The open dress shirt will add warmth to your personality while covering a turtle neck. Dress up in a preppy style with a cardigan over a dress shirt for an upper-class look. A dress shirt can also be worn under a sleeveless jumpsuit.

You can keep it casual and classic at the same time.

Try out the dress shirt's versatility outside of dressy and formal environments. Dress up your classic white dress shirt by layering it underneath a stylish pullover sweater with a prominent collar. The dress is perfect for casual wear when paired with classic jeans. 


Make the right cut.

It is important to choose the right fit for yourself in order to achieve your desired look and style. There are a variety of sizes and styles available for women's dresses at Modora, including modern, classic, slim and extra slim styles. Some are loose fits and are roomier, while others are chest fitted with tapered sleeves. Choose the one that is perfect for you.

Florals are fun

Get cheeky with prints and florals and play with colours. The look will be more interesting if you wear a dress shirt with a floral pattern or a striped dress. A striped navy dress shirt and green and blue floral dress shirt would be a great combination. 


The most preferred neatness is ironed.

Styling any cloth would not be complete without wrinkle-free clothing. Even if a dress shirt is stylishly styled and expensive, no ironing can save it. Dress shirts should be ironed neatly and hung in cupboards to prevent wrinkles. 

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