What happens when East and West meet? Interesting ways to style your everyday clothes

It is fundamental to fashion to experiment with new trends and mix and match. We can connect our individual identities and backgrounds through fashion, which has deep roots in different cultures. Since the beginning of time, western influences have shaped Eastern fashion ideas. As well as incorporating western fashion into daily wear, designers have also redefined traditional desi clothing. 

An interesting way to style everyday wear when East meets West.

Is it too much or too little?

In the last few years, we have seen a shift from maximalism to minimalism accelerated by globalization, now that we are connected online in so many ways. Casual summer dresses with Western influences are now taking center stage. Fusion wear has become an indispensable part of a working woman's wardrobe due to its ease of wear and wide variety. For women, it has become their go-to when it comes to choosing an outfit that is not only casual, but also functions as a semiformal outfit for lunches, client meetings, and social gatherings. 

The mix is all in

Getting dressed online has become a trend for women, who are now mixing and matching their wardrobes and outfits. You can create an effortless and chic look by wearing a short kurti with jeans or pairing ethnic looking accessories with a jean and top. 

Here are some east meets west and fusion fashion ideas for 2021 to help you on your east meets west journey. It is important to know what type of clothing and accessories suit your body type before selecting mix-and-match clothing or accessories.

Pakistan geometric ikat designs are among the most popular prints and designs in fusion clothing. One-piece Kaftan style stitched kurta with flowing sleeves in bright pastels and neutrals is perfect for warm summer days. Depending on your body type, paired with straight cut or bell-bottom white pants, it will look very chic. The fabric used is a printed cambric

In addition to stitched onepiece, why was this chosen? Due to the fact that black is now as popular as white in the summer. As long as you are staying at home and working well, you can wear just about any color without feeling hot. Lime green accents add color to this black solid shirt. Butterfly sleeves and lime accents add a touch of style to this line cut. A little bit longer than a short shirt, but neither too short nor too long. You can wear this shirt with trousers, but in the heat, it looks great with cream-colored tulip shalwars and yellow khusaas. 

An innovative take on tradition. Layered and ruffled lawn one-piece top with stitched textured texture. It has loose cuffed full sleeves and a cinchable waist. If I were wearing a flared skirt, I would wear it over jeans / denims. Make the look complete with chunky silver jewelry.

One piece stitched lawn shirt with digitally printed graphics is the cutest thing ever. Retro color and design combine in an effortless way. Printed Patti on the neckline in black and white with a red flower motif on mustard yellow. Ponytails and light denim are perfect for styling.

The East and West need to be balanced. Try this nice frock that combines a peplum and a light teal colored piece. Ladies remember it's important to choose based on your body type, not just your size, nonetheless it's quite chic and fresh-looking. White trousers or dark denims pair perfectly with this top. Wear some metallic kolapurris or white wedges with your ponytail. 

Fusion of fashion in 2021

As with other trends in the apparel industry, fusion wear has yet to make its mark on the runways and in design houses, but it remains a promising trend. Today's working women appreciate the comfort and elegance that these outfits offer.

There is a greater willingness among women to experiment with different fashion cultures so that they can create outfits that are a unique blend of modern comfort and traditional elegance. The fashion we wear is a reflection of who we are, and this summer's Pakistani collection is a fusion of all our cultures and tastes.

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