You Need To Add These Kurtis To Your Wardrobe

It is your clothing that tells the world about you. The way you dress reflects your character and lifestyle. As society grows, fashion has changed as well. There's no doubt that Kurtis are the most trendy and comfortable outfits for women. Throughout history, the kurti has transcended Indian borders and evolved to meet the needs of a modern world.  Here are 8 Kurti Designs You Should Include In Your Wardrobe.

An item of clothing like this can be made to fit any season or event. However, you should keep in mind how the outfit was put on since there are numerous ways to complement your outfit. In order to create the perfect look with Kurtis, color scheme, style, bottom clothing, and accessories all play a role. Hence, I will tell you about different Kurti models you should have in your wardrobe. We have long kurtis for women that you can check out.

Kurti in white with a plain front

That's the first step. There is nothing more essential in a woman's wardrobe than an all-white Kurti. This shade represents peace and purity, as well as being the most relaxing of all the shades. Kurtis in white and off-white colors are great for creating amazing and striking color combinations. In spite of the fact that pure white Kurtis are fashionable and can be worn for casual and formal occasions, they look great on all types of bodies. 

To achieve an ethnically chic appearance, simply pair the White Kurti with palazzo pants or an embroidered skirt. White Kurtis are timeless and elegant. By pairing an easy-to-wear white Kurti with high-waist jeans, you can add some western flare to your wardrobe. Any woman or girl would look great wearing it.

Handblock print kurti with shoulder princess pockets

We are the only ones who print hand-blocks. An easy-to-wear cotton flex kurta with pockets on the front and a cuff that can be turned up. A sleeper band and a functional placket make up the collar. Churidaars and salwars are the traditional ways to wear kurtis. However, fashion has changed in recent years. By wearing Kurti combinations in different styles, you can achieve an ethnic look. 

Choose well-fitted jeans if you want to appear uncluttered and modern. The style is elegant, so it can be worn to work. Cigarette pants come in fitted and snug fits. Designed to sit elegantly around the neckline, this unique piece sits flat against the body.

The A-line kurti

Kurtis with A-lines extend all the way up to the ankle or calf. A "A" form is created by starting from the waist. The A-Line Kurtis have become popular among women who shop. Social events or casual parties are ideal occasions for wearing it. A pair of jeans or pants will look great with it. 

A-line Kurtis are perfect for everyday wear, formal wear, and college wear. These are great with jeans, jeggings, and anything else you can think of. Decorative earrings, jhumkas or dangle earrings, chain pendants, or studs can be worn with it.

A kurti in the Dhoti style

While men have wore Dhotis for decades, today women wear Dhoti fashion, Kurtis, easily and stylishly. The Dhoti trend is everywhere, and you can find dhoti dresses, dhoti sarees, and dhoti pants everywhere. This dhoti Kurti will be perfect for ladies who like to dress in modern styles. Due to its loose fit, it is very comfortable, which makes you stand out in any situation. 

It is extremely popular to wear a kurti styled in the dhoti style these days due to the elegant look it gives you. Women love to wear these thematic Kurtis that have this design as dhoti pants. Special occasions are suitable for wearing it.

Fashionable anarkalis

Women love Anarkali Kurtis because of their flares and frock-like design, which date back to ancient times. Kurtis like this can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes. Depending on the shape, the figure can be hourglass-shaped or banana-shaped. 

There are a variety of patterns and embroidery options available with these. It doesn't matter what mood you're in or what occasion you're attending, you can dress them up or down. The classic look can be created with ankle-length or full leggings!

Straight cut Kurti in long length

Every woman has a wardrobe full of straight-cut Kurtis in various lengths. The design of this Kurti is the most popular. It is also a classy Kurti that you can wear anytime and looks stylish no matter what time of day it is. This dress can be worn in a formal or informal setting by women of all ages.

 With these Kurtis, you can pair them with leggings, palazzos, and ankle-length or full churidars. Using both western and Indian styles, they blend the two together.

Kurti in short sleeves

Kurtis with short sleeves are also popular with teenagers. Kurtis in cotton are usually the most comfortable to wear. However, short kurtas give a more casual and relaxed look when paired with flat slippers and jeans.

 The trousers or jeans can be paired with them for a semi-formal office look. In everyday life, it can also be achieved by pairing snug-fitting Kurtis with printed Patialas or simple salwars. In the final look, Indian Jutis and a Jhola, along with an Indian bag, are worn with an oxidized necklace.

Kurti in Angrakha style

One other Kurti that is very popular today is Angrakha Kurti. It is amazing to think that royal court musicians once wore Angrakha kurtis. Kurtas were also worn as overcoats, and featured similar flaps that were tacked together by straps or dori on the sides of the chest. 

There are small pom-poms or a tie with a tassel on the dori on the Kurta to enhance its appearance. As well as wearing it on a regular basis, it is often worn by women today. In addition to being worn on any occasion, it can be worn as formal attire at work as well. Whether you wear it with palazzos, jeggings, or skirts, it will look great. 

The right jewelry can complement the look, such as earrings with dangles or oxidized jewellery with kolhapuris, and you can accessorize it with slings, bags, and potli bags. Various materials are available for women's kurta sets, such as Chiffon, Georgette, Net cotton, Chanderi, and Silk. It is therefore suitable for any season.

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