Women's Lunch Bags: 7 recommendations from our readers

 You don't want to waste your time reading product reviews when you're looking for the best lunch bags for women. Because of this, we decided to compile a list of the seven best lunchbags on the market based on the opinions of our readers. Instead of getting bogged down in marketing jargon, you can get straight to the point by reading the opinions of real-life users!


This bag holds a Thule Snack Box

My Thule Snack Box lunch bag has always been able to fit snacks, fruits, and sandwiches. My backpack is easy to clean, stain resistant, and comes with a shoulder strap as well as backpack straps so I can carry it without needing two hands. Having a clear top makes it easier to see what's inside without having to dig around. With a handle at the top, I am able to carry my office fridge from my desk to my office fridge. Everything can be kept organized with plenty of compartments and pockets. Folding it flat when not in use is what I like best about it.

2. JanSport's Right Pack Backpack

With multiple small pockets and compartments on the inside and outside, this backpack features a roomy main compartment with padded sleeves for holding a laptop or an iPad. Women (and men!) who carry everything in their bags will love this bag's design. When you put it down at your desk or in a restaurant, it doesn't look too bulky, but it's big enough to fit everything you need.

A shoulder bag with adjustable straps from Zorrels

Zorrels Adjustable Shoulder best lunch bags for women are stylish, yet functional. This bag is large enough to hold a few bottles of water and lunch or dinner, but small enough to not get in the way. Moreover, it comes with a keychain clip and a phone pocket. What's even better? PVC and phthalates are not used in the manufacture of this bag! What a great way to go green! Its sturdy and high-quality feel impressed reviewers. Additionally, they liked that the strap can be adjusted according to what you're carrying. You can purchase one here for $34.99 . Reviewers noted that the bag comes in a variety of colors, which makes buying multiple bags easy! You can read more reviews here.

The Kisslock Cooler Bag from Dakine for women

Featuring a laptop sleeve, organizer pockets, fleece-lined sunglasses pockets, and a zipper pocket for keeping items from spilling out, the Dakine Kisslock Cooler is soft sided. Two mesh pockets on either side of the cooler bag provide easy access to water bottles or other items. There's so much stuff in this thing, according to one reviewer!

A super tote locker bag for women from DAKINE

In spite of its large size, this lunch bag by DAKINE is highly versatile. Due to the bag's simple design (it has a single large compartment), it can serve a variety of purposes, whether you're traveling to work or going to the gym. You can even pack an entire meal in there - including dessert! Packing and unpacking are made easy by its wide top opening.

6) Thule Roundtrip Cooler Bag

A built-in lunch box and excellent design distinguish the Thule Round Trip Cooler Bag. Also included are several insulated compartments for keeping things cool and ample pockets for organization. There are 14 different colors to choose from and a removable shoulder strap is a great feature. The material isn't as durable as we would like. After just a few months of use, many women's lunch bags have broken. The Thule Round Trip Cooler Bag is stylish and fun if you want something stylish and fun.

7) The Little America backpack by Herschel

For girls who are always on-the-go, Herschel's Little America Backpack is just the right size for sandwiches, snacks, an extra pair of shoes, and some clean underwear. The water-resistant lining keeps your gear dry during drenching rains, and it's comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. Handles with non-slip grips and padded straps make transportation even more convenient. According to one reviewer, the best lunch bag for women fits everything I need for work and my gym gear. Choose from a variety of colors to match your style.

The best ladies lunch bags for every budget

Choosing the right ladies lunch bags is as simple as knowing where to look! This buying guide was created by the editors of Lunchbagguide so you can find what you are looking for! We've got everything you need to keep your food fresh during the work week, whether you need an on-the-go bag or something that will keep your food fresh all week long. Read on to find out what we think are the best.

Brands of fashion bags are useless

If you need a new work bag, it's probably not worth spending thousands of dollars on Louis Vuitton and Burberry. A high-quality brand from a department store or boutique shop is best unless you just have that kind of cash lying around. During sales season (Black Friday, Cyber Monday) and at discount retailers like TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack, you can find great deals on designer pieces. Secondhand shopping is also a great option! Try searching Craigslist for local options in your area for consignment shops or vintage boutiques that offer great deals on best lunch bags for women. Save up for something nice if you want it! Buying something good now will last longer than buying something cheap now and replacing it later.

A bag can never have too much space Getting a bag can never too that's bigger than you need may seem counterintuitive, but it's best. Having a full bag will reduce your motivation to leave it somewhere or skip a meal while out because there will be room in it. If you have a work-sized backpack, you don't want to fall into that habit of filling it up and leaving it at your desk when you head out for lunch.

Don't carry a handbag, get a trolley

Get a trolley instead of a handbag. Having a trolley at your desk makes transporting everything you need so much easier. Additionally, they're great for overpackers!
They're also handy if you pack your lunch in Tupperware containers, or if you have a lot of stuff to carry around. Keeping everything together in one bag means you will never have to worry about losing anything.

Bags should be clean and watertight (hygiene).

Choosing a lunch bag that will protect your food from water damage and keep it fresh is important when buying one. You can also easily access your food with the right bag without damaging it. Look for a bag with compartments or dividers if you're carrying multiple items so that they don't get jumbled together. Bring separate compartments for cold items, such as salad or yogurt. Consider how much space the lunch bag has; some prefer small bags that can easily fit in their purse, while others prefer larger bags that are easier to carry around.

Food containers that are insulated are essential

There's nothing better than getting a new, hot meal at work and digging right in. It doesn't take long for everything to turn cold. In order to prevent this from happening, insulated food containers are designed. A container with two or more compartments and an airtight top is ideal. For up to three hours, these containers will keep your food hot or cold. Buy a microwave with easy-to-clean lids and exteriors if you use it regularly. Some containers even come with built-in microwaves! Consider how long you need your insulated food containers to stay hot or cold when searching for insulated food containers. Choosing small containers ensures that you won't have to throw away fruit or yogurt if you are planning to snack on them throughout the day.

The key to easy organization is compartments

Compartmentalizing may seem like a small detail, but it makes a huge difference in terms of convenience. Additionally, you'll be able to see what you have (and don't have) more easily since you'll be able to organize your food and drinks better. In addition to the insulated carrying sleeves or ice packs, many of these options come with a carrying bag or cooler.

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